In 1943, The Doors' Jim Morrison was born.


In 1956, guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Duran Duran) was born.


In 1969, Jimi Hendrix, on trial in Canada on drug possession charges, told the jury that he had now 'outgrown' drugs. They found the guitarist not guilty.


In 1977,a riot broke out when Blondie didn't arrive for a gig in Brisbane, Australia. Four people were arrested.


In 1980, 25 year old Mark Chapman shot John Lennon five times outside the building in New York City where John.


In 1995, Courtney Love appeared on the ABC TV show '10 Most Fascinating People', telling the presenter that she wished she had done 'eight thousand million things differently' to have prevented the death of her husband Kurt Cobain.


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