In 1947, Jim Messina, of Buffalo Springfield was born.

In 1952, singer Andy Kim was born.



In 1960, Elvis Presley's 'G.I. Blues' started a ten-week run at No.1 on the US album chart.


In 1976, the Sex Pistols debut single 'Anarchy In The UK' was slammed by music weekly NME. "Johnny Rotten sings flat, the song is laughably naive, and the overall feeling is of a third-rate Who imitation."


In 1987, The Jesus And Mary Chain were banned from appearing on a CBS TV show after complaints of blasphemy prompted by the group's name. Network suits asked the band to be called JANC but they didn't agree.


In 1993, Gin Blossoms Doug Hopkins commited suicide at age 32. He had snuck out of rehab to purchase a pistol the previous day.


In 2009, George Michael, in an interview with the UK daily newspaper The Guardian, said he had cut back on his weed intake and now only smoked 'seven or eight' spliffs per day instead of the 25 he used to smoke! Wow!

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