In 1948, Ozzy Osbourn was born.

In 1965, Rolling Stone Keith Richards was knocked unconscious when his guitar touched his microphone, causing an electric shock.


In 1966, Ray Charles was convicted of possessing heroin and marijuana and given a five year suspended prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.


In 1976, Pink Floyd's inflatable pig broke free from it's moorings and floated over London. It eventually crash landed on a farmer's barn, scaring his cows.


In 1986, two families sued Judas Priest, alleging that the band were responsible for their son's forming a suicide pact and shooting themselves after listening to Judas Priest records. The suit was ultimately dismissed.


In 1999, rapper Jay-Z was arrested in connection with the stabbing of music executive Lance Rivera. The rapper was charged with first-degree assault.


In 2003, A Los Angeles court ruled that the privacy of singer Barbra Streisand was not violated when a picture of her Malibu estate was posted on a website.


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