Interview with Stone Cold Killer Guitarist Hans Rö-botzer


sck CurtisDescribe your sound for people who've never heard you.

Hans Rö-botzer
No holds barred, harmonized, kick ass rock n roll. We have a lot of influence from early Crüe, GnR, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC to the Black Crowes, Zep, and ZZ Top

Do you play originals and covers?

Hans Rö-botzer
We do almost exclusively originals. We have a couple good covers we spice up the set with. Currently rotating "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" by ZZ Top, TNT by AC/DC --you gotta hear my singer do this one, always gets a good response-- and "Out on the Tiles" by Zep. We have almost 20 originals. Sometimes I forget the total unless I write them down.

stonecoldkiller partypeteHow long have you guys been together?

Hans Rö-botzer
Current lineup has been together since late 2013. Old bass player left and we kinda did a hiatus. Mike Frugiuele coming in on bass and harmony vocals really seemed to give us a new energy. Almost a new band despite 3/4 old hat.

I understand the write them down thing. How many songs have you recorded?

Hans Rö-botzer
The three I sent are the only ones worth sharing (laughs). I have a couple more, but they aren't good enough to even claim as a demo.

stonecoldkiller savageloveAre you planning to do more recording now that you're happy with the lineup?

Hans Rö-botzer
We are in preparation to record a full album. A good friend of mine, Jon Miller (From the bands Atlas, Amplifiers, and Chad Sipes Stereo) did the demo out of his studio. He's moved over to Ice House Recording Studio in Lawrenceville. It's a really nice space

What clubs do you play most often?

stonecoldkiller bassHans Rö-botzer
I have it written down! (Laughs) But off the top of my head; Excuses, Lava Lounge, Howlers, Club Cafe, Thunderbird, Smiling Moose, and Cattivo.

Stone Cold Killer is:
Savage Love: Lead Vocals & Rhythm guitar
Hans Rö-botzer: Lead guitar, Slide guitar
Mikey Früg: Bass, Tambourine & Back up vocals
Party Pete: Lead Drums & Back up Vocals



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