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Third Voice hit the scene in 1998 with a demo release (Reflections) and a follow up cd in 2002 (Moments Like These). Guitarist/keyboardist Jason Pirone and vocalist Jeff Kearney started out as a simple recording project doing instrumentation over a drum track. Over time, it evolved into a full progressive metal band, with the current lineup of Jeff Frankenstein on bass and Tony Rossi on drums. 14 years later, they have become prog-metal with a commercial twist; with a sound which is a bit of a chameleon. Structurally, this is still metal first, but in terms of feeling, it is more cross generational. Still and all, the band insists they are in it for the love of the music versus fame and the excitement of touring. On March 25, they realeased A Day Like Today, featuring 6 new songs and 3 songs reworked from the prior releases. Our field correspondent Cyndi Roach had a chance to talk to the band and get a sense of what is next for this exceptionally talented foursome…

Cyndi Roach: What bands have you guys been in in the past?

Jeff Kearney: A few local projects, but Third Voice is the project I’m committed to.

Jason Pirone: Third Voice only.

Jeff Frankenstein: I was in two bands during my college years from 2004-2006.  The first band was a praise and worship band at Slippery Rock University.  It was for a program called Campus Crusade for Christ.  We had a very "Dave Matthews Band/Switchfoot" style to our music.  It was upbeat and had a lot of drive.  The music spoke for itself because it was for God and him only.  I was in that group for 2 years before graduating and still speak to every member of that band to this day.  The second band was a Christian metalcore band called Reflection that I was in during 2004-2005.  We were technically sound and enjoyed our one year together before disbanding.  The core group still communicates and actually reunited just to play through songs again this past November 2015 to see if we still had some juice left.  For my background, I have played many musical instruments, as I am currently a middle school band and choral director for New Brighton Middle School in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.  I perform on bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electronic drums, and French horn.

Tony Rossi: Multitudes of local bands...also Sanxtion, Reverence and Ronny Munroe Band.

CR: How did you guys come together to form this current project?

TR: Jason and Jeff K. were the original format and I had worked with Kearney on a few occasions and vaguely knew Jason. It wasn't until I was over Jason's place to purchase some recording equipment that my interest was sparked. He played some of his work and said he needed to find a drummer to work with so I nominated myself, and we tried a song to see what would happen and wham! It just worked. Jeff F. is a good friend of Jason's, and now all of us as well, (laughs) and he is an incredible musician so it was one of those meant to be things. His feel for the project is just right. A perfect fit.

CR: I hear there are some exciting people showing interest in your current project.  Any chance we can get the inside scoop on what is around the corner for you guys?

TR: You heard correctly. Some exciting things could quickly develop as some influential people have taken notice, in the music industry I've learned that its best to say only what I know is a sure thing so until we have solid announcements all I can say is the anticipation is very exiting with the release of the new album.

CR: Rumor also has it that you're in the process of filming a video.  Which song are you doing and what is that all about?

TR: Yes, we will be doing a video for the song "Moments Like These" that will try and depict the inner turmoil our veterans deal with after protecting our country in war. They need our respect and need to feel appreciated in society for their sacrifice. Today our vets/heroes are looked at as 2nd class citizens and they need us as much as we need them. It’s sad and we want to make a difference for them with our video.

CR: What are the goals and plans for the future of the band?

TR: With the release of this album there is excitement, and I can say with 100% certainty, speaking for all 4 of us, this is by far our best work to date, and we like our odds to make it in this industry with this one. I see it working kinda like the movie Field Of Dreams; if its good they will come. For us, it’s about the fact that the music will find its way. It’s easy to get starry eyed and push and work hard for something we think is good, but far better if the push comes from the audience we are trying to reach. When that happens plans can be made for the next steps.

CR: How have some of your individual influences over the years and past musical experiences influence this currant project as a group?

TR: We all have had the same likes growing up and playing bands from metal (ironmaiden/metallica and metal church) to prog bands like Yes, Fateswarning, Queesryche and Rush. And of course, we all have been inspired by Dreamtheater. We each took away what we liked from our favorites and that developed our individual styles, so when we came together the same influences enabled all the pieces to fit together to produce what I feel has a unique commercial twist. There is a lot of melody intermixed with our technical playing and the songs and melodies catch your attention and grow on you.

We can certainly say it’s growing on us. A band to keep your eye (and ear) on. - J

Third Voice is:

Jason Pirone-guitar & keys

Jeff Kearney-vox

Jeff Frankenstein-bass

Tony Rossi-drums

You can find out more here:

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