tnc-2Tongue n' Cheek bring their high energy rock n' roll show to The Mousetrap March 22nd with special guests Albion Cross. We caught up with bassist Timothy Gallagher and asked him a few questions.

How long have you been together?

Timothy Gallagher: The band has been around the Ohio valley about 12 years. I joined in 2006

It is a tribute band?

Timothy Gallagher: Yes. All 80's hair metal. The hair, the clothes, the attitude. The songs!!

lol. I'm guessing you have a lot of fun with it..?

Timothy Gallagher: Yes. It is definitely fun. Especially since we grew up listening to the music. We have opened up for Kip Winger several times, Firehouse 3 times. Stephen Pearcy from Ratt. And also Jack Russell from Great White

You are known as an outstanding player on our music scene-- Do you find this music can be challenging in terms of the level of ability needed to play it?

tnc-1Timothy Gallagher: Thanks for the compliment. I love the challenge of learning any song. Playing the bass guitar to me is a little easier than guitar. Tongue N Cheek guitarist Scaree Docta is definitely a shredder though.

I figured as much. Guitar in those days was especially hard. Who is your vocalist?

Timothy Gallagher: Scaree sings lead and I also sing some songs here and there.

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