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Mark Cyler
Lonesome County: Songs From The Lowlands
This is the perfect type of music to have playing while reading some classic Jack Kerouac.

Singer/songwriter Mark Cyler draws upon influences of blues, folk and country on his latest release Lonesome County: Songs From The Lowlands.

Listeners will be especially amazed to learn
Cyler plays most of the instruments on this release. Cyler is getting some attention froThe cut "Get A Message To Slim" is getting play rotation at WYEP, and deservedly so.

Cyler is a true multi-instumentalist, crafting songs with a Dylan-esque appeal that comes through greatly on the thirteen tracks on Lowlands.
Indeed, there is a warm feeling of hopefulness that weaves a binding thread through every song on this album.

The opening track, "Glad To Live In America", is a melodic number permeated with mellow leads, and praise for our country and the freedoms we enjoy.

The next cut, "Song For The Common Man" reflects on living a good and wholesome life.

Other highlights include the harmonizing on, "If You're Blue," the well structured "Lost Souls On Parade" and the elusive "I Watch Them Run."

All in all, with his follow-up solo effort, this singer/songwriter who hails  from the northeast, proves himself  to be a solid musical craftsman, consistently delivering a sound that is quite unique and worth our attention.

Gigz Giger 
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