truthbetold cd

Truth Be Told

We Know Better

4.5 stars


  This premiere Pittsburgh rapper checks in with a solid hip hop performance on We Know Better.

A surreal look at the street life, addiction and the way things are out there. Truth Be Told has a superlative command of syntax and this infiltrates all 11 tracks on the release. This release features some sick-ass beats and a host of guest appearances for some added deep perspective.

  Some highlights on this release include the soulful, beat laden "Hallelujah" featuring Yungn Voorheez; the funky and insightful title track; and the controversial "Only In AmeriKKKa."

"The Ladder" tells tales of the trials and tribulations of people of color in our country and the struggles of being treated as equals.

"Sunshine" featuring John Steez will surely be a hit in the hood, capturing some of the blessings of the summertime.

And, "Beautiful" featuring Tone Jonez has a very catchy and upbeat chorus.

Bonus tracks include "Magnificent" and "Little Soldier" tributes to the TBT's children and their hopes for a bright future. It's also refreshing to listen to a hip hop album that doesn't use auto-tune!

Gigz Giger

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