David Granati tells us it's a busy month at Dave World Studios:

"March is looking like a very busy month at the studio" said David. " Justin Jett Kalcevic is finishing up a 5 song ep.

Brady Novotny is continuing his instrumental project.  

Julie Michael is writing and recording new tunes. 

Quinn Michael Kelley is adding new bass to "Fake Friends" music.  Nicky Mo and the Mamalukes are at the overdub stage in their project.  Ron and the Rumpshakers are in mixing,

Cherylann Hawk is returning to collaborate on various projects.  

Nicole Christina  has some new songs and vox overs for iRead2Know/iHeartRadio as is Jacquelyn Paul 

David Granati.Long Live Rock and For Those About to Rock Academies in the midst of weekly learning rehearsing and recording sessions with For Those About To Rock Academy. 

Cathy Stewart is adding Matt Barranti to her impressive list of guest to her great new CD which was started with Steve Rutledge in Knoxville. Maybe we can coax him into coming here to help us finish!!

And last but not least, John Vento is adding more new tunes to his continuing project"

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