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Everything Is Fine   


Rating: Highly Recommended


Everything is Fine serves as a brilliant homage and high testament to the now departed Skell drummer Keith Kweder. (RIP)

His exploration and mastery of rock drumming is proven time and again with the relentless percussion assault on this album.


Everything Is Fine opens with the caustic and ferocious "Deaf Ears." Guitarist Mike Palone snarls and growls out blistering riffs on this wickedly tasty track.


Recognized as one of Pittsburgh's best guitarists, Palone's leads are truly the definition of a musical virtuoso. The fills on "Deaf Ears" are nothing less than astounding, and his 'shredder' status adds gravitas to the entire recording.


Another standout track is "Menscheit," with vocalist Walter Wright's masterful and harsh tone serving up slabs of bittersweet sound. Also got to mention the outstanding back up vocals on this cut.


Certainly worthy to be featured on radio is the title track, which immediately grabs the listener with it's infectious, melodic and captivating intro.


The thudding of Mike Ekis's bass acts to quicken the sound and is a shift into overdrive, intensifying the track into a fist raising montage of hard rock grooves. And, most notably, the EP longer version is preferred by this writer as the acoustic break is so exquisite. Once again Palone displays his mastery of six strings, and the back up vocals are Hollywood level quality in their delivery.


This is currently the best metal release in Pittsburgh, hands down.


Everything is Fine adds to Skell's reputation as a top metal band on the scene, and is highly recommended for the open highway and some high speed driving!

Gigz Giger

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