Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall, Pittsburgh, Nov. 4, 2016
Stating the Obvious: Zappa Played Zappa 
The level of talent, skill and professionalism displayed by Dweezil's tour band is almost other-worldly. Think of the most difficult songs your band has attempted to cover and you're not even close to the challenge of playing the music of Frank Zappa. They pulled it off flawlessly.
The family feud that erupted when Dweezil started this tour has been well-publicized, so there's nothing to add, other than Dweezil's trademark Zappa sense of humor about the whole thing. Holding up a pair of tweezers, he cracked, "Ahmet is probably drawing up a cease and desist letter right now because of these."
The song selection spanned his legendary father's career, with offerings from everything from 200 Motels to Joe's Garage, and the cuts were often a surprise.
The thing that struck me most was the effortless way Dweezil duplicated his father's trademark guitar style and seamlessly transitioned to the chops of shredders like Steve Vai. I always knew he was an outstanding guitarist, but this was something special.
All the members of his band are stellar players, most notably drummer Ryan Brown, who put on a virtual percussion clinic, and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Sheila Gonzalez, who had vocal range to spare and did some crushing saxophone solos.

Zappa fans are not easy to impress, but my guess is, everyone left feeling satisfied they had witnessed Zappa playing Zappa-- exactly as it should be.


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