david bowie 2015

"But, David Bowie is an iconic, powerful, and influential artist." Thank you, Mr. Obvious. Yes, we all know Bowie is larger than life, but fame does not come without cost, especially when said fame is based upon artistic expression.

The reality of the music industry is that a great deal of what we think of as an artists' "sound" is actually a byproduct of the artists and the song police, those industry forces which mold artists into their agenda. With "Blackstar", the title track to his latest album, Bowie seems to be truly, once and for all, free of the gravitational pull of "radio friendly" music and showing us his inner self.

You can watch the video for "Blackstar" here

Ethereal, spacey, and infused with free form, orchestral jazz on a level reminiscent of Frank Zappa, "Blackstar" emanates the real Bowie, an artist far past fretting over such trivialities as charts and sales. This is Bowie in all his elemental glory and yet tempered with age and experience. - J (Blackstar comes out on Jan 8)


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