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My Confession by Pittsburgh based After the Fall was for the most part what I expected; well played power rock with nods to the classics. The band is tight, and Doug Carnahan sings with passion in a pleasant, raspy voice reminiscent of the rock n roll greats.


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It is for the most part a radio friendly mix, and guitarist Brandon Cornish has ample opportunity to show off his chops, notably on the opening of the title track. One surprise in this box of chocolates was “You Would Know” a foray into the fringes of rap/rock, but one which didn’t try to deny that After the Fall are singers and instrumentalists first. I’d compare it to Linkin Park, but that would be uncomplimentary because it lacked the whiny, self-obsessive tone of so much of that band’s work, and was no where near electronic. It reflected a mature anger, rather than an adolescent angst. 

“The Nameless” was another worthy piece, and really stood out in terms of representing the band at full bore. Matt Ferrante (drums, vocals) and Steve Craven (bass, vocals) shined on this number.  

In a time when the future of rock is uncertain, it’s hard to say what’s next for After the Fall. Certainly, if the public’s taste for excessively processed music wanes, they have the chops to be breakout artists. Time will tell, but as the desire for something more increases, the opportunities for talented bands like After the Fall will grow.

- J


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