Klaymore will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of their second full length album, It's Alive, by rerecording four tracks from it with their current line up (Lee Prisby - Guitar and vocals, Dan Sudano - Guitar, George Kipilo - Bass). The rerelease will be available for streaming, download, and physical purchases by the end of summer 2017
Promo video from their YouTube channelhttps://goo.gl/MIGS9S

Klaymore is also partnering with Materia Collective for the second time this year. Materia Collective is a label/distributor that specializes in video game remix compilation albums. This time Klaymore will be contributing a metal rendition of music from Final Fantasy X for the compilation album entitled "SPIRA." SPIRA is set to be released in late July or early August and will be available for streaming or purchase on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.
Materia Collective Official Site: https://www.materiacollective.com/

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