nick ker"Nasty Nick" Ker in his most recent mug shot.

The Homisides, a punk rock & roll band based in Greensburg, PA, are back with a new bass player. "Nasty Nick" (aka, Nick Ker), joining the grimy, sleazed-out garage gang from Weirdsburgh, which is comprised of former members of The Cheats, El Diablo, Highway 13, The Wreckers, The Rowdy Bovines, Aus Rotten, and Trailer Trash.

Since they first began in 2014, The Homisides have gone through six bass players before a mutual friend pointed out the obvious to the old friends.
"It's a good fit and I don't know why we didn't think of this sooner", says drummer, JB Batty.
Nick, who is known mostly as the singer for El Diablo, Pucker, Next President and others explains, "I got fed up with music biz bullshit a while ago. I sort of dropped out of the scene and got reclusive. But The Homisides… we've all been friends for years, and are like-minded in our music and weirdness, so I think this is going to be a blast for everyone. That's what rock & roll is about, right?"

The band has been writing lots of new songs and will be heading into the studio in May . You can catch the band April 15th at J-Town Shakedown
The Keynote Cafe in Jeanette, PA with  Cultivator, Everyone Hates Everything, Crash Academy & Dennis C. Lee.

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