I've been trying to write an appropriate opening greeting for this week.. I'm gonna just go with Hey there!!
Welcome to March Madness.. we've passed the whole 3 weeks of insulting the Irish... we're passed the halfway point of the lenten season of fish frying on Friday (if ya haven't partaken yet... get thine arses to a church on Friday) The Basketball tourney is well into its annual dance... The baseballers are gearing up to start.. and the hockeys are heating up for 2 months of playoff action ..
Mama Nature and Old Man Winter are playing tug of war with the sun as we swing back and forth from warm days to frozen tundra .. and our poor daffodils are sooooo confused..
So.. what ya gonna do? Well, let me tell you.. lots of live music, theater, dance parties, art n'at to be had as we enter the last throws of March and look forward to April with its eggs n' rabbits and such..
Our local music scene has been doing some fine things over the winter months.. and they are warming up with the weather for what looks like a wondrous spring and summer season..
Ah'rrite, I've rambled long enough.. lets get down to brass tacks and give a listing of all the things happening this week around the town in the local seen and be scene..
THURSDAY, March 23..
Tis the final weekend to catch Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Put on by great local talent.. its a great way to start an evening this weekend..
Its Pittsburgh Pizza Week (who knew pizza gets a whole week around here) so grab a slice somewhere on your way to or from where ever you're going.. it says if you post a pic of yourself with your za.. you be in the runnin' to win a TeeVee..
Lets jump around a bit here..
3/23 - Same, Yrs, Hearken, Swampwalk at James Street Gastropub on the North Side
The Commonheart are over at Club Cafe.. but I hear its sold out so.. if ya got a ticket.. good on ya..
If you're still getting your Irish on.. The Mulligan Brothers with Tullycavy are at Smalls Funhouse..
At New Amsterdam.. TBird Live Acoustic Series featuring City Dwelling Nature Seekers (damn haven't heard from those guys in a good while.. glad to hear they're still around)
Belvies has the dandy dancin' tonight with .. Y2K No Radio
Hip Hoppin' DJs at Spirit with Time Machine Spring Joint!
Comedy Open Mic & Nacho Nite Hosted by Derek Minto! is at Hambone's
and.. a very cool gig at Howlers... The Van Allen Belt / André Costello / Femina X / Robin Vote round out the Thursday offerings ..
FRIDAY, March 24 - Hold on to your hats folks..
Lets start out there in Blanox..
Norm Nardini is at The StarLite Lounge and then heads next door as once again, local music is stepping up for a cause Meow Prowl Benefit Party for homeless kitties..
On the shores to the north..
Guy Russo at The Park House ft. Mariko Reid & Jason Rafalak
Pop Thief's EP Party at James Street Speakeasy w/ Courtesy
Over in Millvale.. The Cold Hard Cash Show (Tribute To Johnny Cash) at Mr. Smalls Theatre (I love Johnny Cash n'all but the real draw at this show is the opener.. Ben Dumm And The East Side Band, seriously insanely good, go check them out)
Emo & Pop Punk LIVE BAND Karaoke - Friday, 3/24 in the Funhouse
On the South Side.. The hip hop/rap group are at Smiling Moose for Battle for the Buck - $250 Cash Prize!
Punk Night at Dee's Cafe for just drinkin and hangin' with some old school punk..
If ya head into Lawyerenceville.. (yes I know I spelled it wrong.. just go with it)
Early on.. The Undercover Dream Lovers with Side Eye & Good Sport at Spirit..
The dance parties are at Spirit, Cattivo and Belvies..
Here Comes STRANGEWAYS at SPiRiT Lodge! 3/24/17
Crayola: Pop Edition Dance Party
Mashed! Featuring Bruneaux! Opening acts Kill Joy and Get Nasty
There's a Rockabilly Burlesque thing at Hambone's.. Luscious D Presents: 40th Birthday Rockabilly Blowout (if ya play this right.. you can check out the Cash Tribute at Smalls and shoot across the bridge to the bonez for rockabilly burlesque)
And up the hill.. in Bloomfield/Garfield
Wild Pink / Shellshag / Jack Swing / Fourhearts at Roboto for the all ages crowd. ..
The Red Western, Chet Vincent & The Big Bend, The Standard Moves at Brillo
Wimpy Rutherford & The Cryptics, Scratch N Sniffs, Playoff Beard at The BBT
and lets get the blood movin' at Howlers with.. Bestial Mouths/Morpheus Laughing/Doors in the Labyrinth 3/24
How's that for an all around the town Friday Night in the burgh?
SATURDAY, March 25.. I hear its gonna warm up out there.. so get on out while the sun shines .. family events this week include ..
Cereal Cinema: Fantastic Mr. Fox is at Row House bright and early in the morn.. go on, roll out of bed.. grab the kiddies and have some cereal and a movie ..
If you're headed into the Strip to grab your goods.. stop on by and check out Songs on a Saturday: Presenting Jenny Morgan and Sonic Sprout at the Leaf & Bean
And there's an all ages Satisfied - All-Ages at Smalls at 2pm. from what I understand.. this is a lively Hamilton sing along and acting out.. sounds like a hoot right?
Family Friendly Open Stage hosted by Dave Busch at 5 at Hambone's lets ya take the fam out for a meal and let the children play all at the same time..
After all that.. and you've worn those munchkins out ..
When the Night falls.. and ya wanna dance with somebody. and do some grown up things..
In Bed by Ten Dance Party: March 2017 for the early birds..
Saba at The Smiling Moose!
Howlers has a twofer on Sat..the early show at 7 offers Chris Trapper at Howler's (of the Push Stars)
Nevada Color w/ Daily Grind and Jacob Klein Band at Cattivo
Beagle Brothers Live! hit the Park House on the North Side this week..
Jones For Revival & Starship Mantis in Pittsburgh MARCH 25 at James St.
At Excuses on the Sahth Sahd.. Morrow Madness, Metzger Mania & Franksgiving! (don't ask, just go)
A Deer A Horse, Serpentine, Sorry I'm Dead, Lazyblackman are at the old Palanzos (now called Distro)
Pittsburgh Refugee Benefit offers some world music for the cause in LV.
and another benefit for animals at Cattivo .. 80's for Animals! (An animal shelter benefit)
Uke & Tuba / Sean Selcer / Courtesy Tier at BBT
High Street Players Improv Show at Hambone's for your comedic needs..
One of my absolute favs, Kayla Schureman is throwing a coming out party at Gooskis .. Wreck Loose at Gooski's with Room and Board + Kayla Schureman
and the late show at Howlers on Saturday is Victory at the Crossroads! Blue Clutch! Benefits!
Seems to be a full day of good things on Saturday.. from early morn to late into the night.. don't tell me there's nothin' to do..
And then.. its SUNDAY FUNDAY (who the hell made that up anyway?)
Again.. Acoustic Brunch at Hambone's offers fine foods and musical seranades..
Sunday Night shows.. I only have two (again.. if ya got stuff people.. send me links.. )
Matt Pless/The Twindows/Childlike Empress/Mara Yaffee at Hambone's and
the hip hop will be at Howlers on Sunday with.. P4 Concert (All White Party) Again, I don't name these things people..
And that about winds down the weekend proper..
Monday - Wednesday ..
All the Open Mics I list every damn week.. if you don't know them by now.. you will never never know them at all..
Howlers has Mon and Tues shows this week..
Monday... Kurt Baker Combo / Johnny & The Razorblades / The Shutouts bring a Monday punk thing to the burgh..
Tuesday.. Oshwa / Erik Pitluga / Yeti Bite / Joanna Lowe will make for a perfect Tues chill on a warm spring evening..
Fishbone w/ Killer of Sheep - 3/28 in Pittsburgh at The Rex.
Wednesday has some fun things happening ..
Along with the regular..Pub Games, Banjos, Bluegrass and Jazz Jams.. ya might wanna check out..
Red Elvises, East Coast Turnaround, Those Gorgeous Bastards at The Hard Rock
Reggae on Butler continues their last Wed of the month series at The Abbey on Butler Street
Naughty Professor w/ Manic Soul - 3/29 in Pittsburgh at Jame St. .
Mar 29: Rock-N-Bowl Ft. Absolution Key (rock out, throw heavy balls at things.. )
There, an entire week's worth of entertainment around town provided by local folks.. who says you only need to go out for big name touring acts..
You can take that $40 or more ticket for one show and spread that out to 3 or 4 staying local..
See y'all next week and until then..
#SupportALLPGHMusic and
Be Excellent to Each Other..
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