Hello out there in cyber land.. How's everyone holding up on this roller coaster ride we live in these days? (And I'm not just discussing the weather, nuk, nuk, nuk.. ) 
Sorry about my missing last week for a full weekend round up.. Seems I need a secretary these days to keep up .. 
So, here we are.. last week of early darkness and heading into that "spring forward" thing we call daylight savings time.. (good thing I never actually turned my clocks back.. they'll all be right again) 

Tis that time of the year when Pittsburgh figures out how to take an Irish Holy Day and and insult an entire ethnic group by turning it into a 3 week drunken bender.. people all dressed as leprechans and what not.. We head into March Madness.. in more ways than just basketball.. 

 But I digress.. sort of.. as we descend upon this 2nd week of the month.. lets just take a peek into things to do.. places to go.. musical endeavors and more out there in the 'burgh.. 

THURSDAY... March 9... 

 Wallace's TapRoom in the Hotel Indigo over in S'Liberty checks into the local scene with Mike Moscato Project - TRIO SHOW!

Planned Parenthood Benefit: Cotopaxi/ Soda Club/ TCE/ Heavywaits does an all ages thing at Roboto

Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? opens for a couple week run and offers up some theater by a fine group of performers..

@S#!t Creek - March over at James Street has stand up and story telling ..

Its 80's Neon Night at Belvies

Morgan Erina at New Amsterdam continues The Thunderbird Acoustic Series

and Comedy Open Mic & Nacho Nite Hosted by Derek Minto! is goin' dahn at Hambone's

If'n ya feel the need to embrace the doom.. Fox 45 with Motometer & Smoke Wizzzard is happenin' at Howlers

Not a bad offering to warm yer livers and get your blood pumpin' ..

And that brings us to.. Hey errbody its FRIDAY!! 

 March 10.. and the line up is impressive.. I'll be jumping around the town here.. listing by earliest to latest..

Loud and Local - A Fundraiser for the Free Store 15104 over at James Street offers some of the 'burgh's finest voices helping out a great organization that gets needed items to folks at no cost to anyone..

From PGH, With Love at City Theater raises funds for The Children's Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center

Friday Night Grooves at the Smiling Moose has both adult and youth rockers in an early show that will still get you home before the news is on.. rock out

The Playlist: Music-Inspired Improv at Arcade Theater (I must admit this intrigues me.. as the music this week is from local phenom, Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution)

If you're out there near Warrendale. ya might wanna check out Cash'd Out - A Tribute to Johnny Cash at Jergel's!

LoFi Delphi, Suburban Living, The Me Toos! at Smalls

MOTO with Thunder vest, Torn Apart Hearts, Mystic Seers are out at Moondogs..

One of the best of the St. Pat's events every year, that I always miss cause I have to be a grown up and all... The Calm Before the Storm ft. Mark Dignam & Friends 3/10 at CC Seriously.. if you want to just check out some traditional music and hear amazing vocalists.. go to this one..

All Talk / Tears of Joy / The Alfomega / Sam Pellegrino at the newish Pub Underground in Oakland (Wut, Oakland has a music venue? )

The dancey schtuffs at Spirit .. Chocolate Boombox

Cattivo has both upstairs and down..

Side Eye /\ Seasaw /\ Robin Vote /\ Franny Moon

Goddamn Gallows, Gallows Bound, Hills & Rivers, Crooked Cobras always bring a good time..

Demos Papadimas and Band Live at Hambone's gives ya some roots rockin at its finest..

They pay tribute to one of our own lost too soon at Gooskis with In Remembrance of Dave V

And Parlor Walls // Action Camp // Bring Her // Sound Elevator get all trippy at Howlers..

What a Friday in the burgh... 

 After all that.. we head into 

SATURDAY.. March 11.. Parade Day in the 'burgh.. and all hell breaks loose.. 

There is not a corner or venue in this city that isn't doing something ..either anti green or full out green.. from kegs n' eggs in the morn to full out party at night.. its on!!

So.. I'm gonna hit the highlights on my list.. and trust me, if you're looking for something to do on Saturday, ya probably just need to wander outside and follow someone green..

First thing in the AM..

The Beagle Brothers Irish Band at the East End Taproom! 
They do an early morning thing and then come back later for more..

Its the last of the Bloomfield Winter Market if you're in the need for some great goods


And outside of the post parade Market Square insanity..

Parade Day Matinee 2 pm Free at Nieds Hotel

And Hambone's you'll find like the 30th Annual Sing Along with Tim and John and all the fine Irish cuisine you can handle..

Roaming around the town.. There's parties and shows everywhere.. from South Side shitshow madness to pockets of calm and places its loud.. here's my two cents..

YORSP St. Paddy's Day Spectacular at Hambones


Cheer'ly Men Invade the 2017 St. Paddy's Parade Day at Howlers Yes, its Sea Shantys and a Pig Roast in Little Italy on Saturday..

Seriously.. if you want to find a party on Saturday, they're everywhere.. just go outside and follow the smell of green beer.. listing them all would take hours..

And then.. we collect ourselves on SUNDAY and crawl out from our hangovers or peek out from wherever we hid.. 

Start off with a hangover cure at Hambone's for Acoustic Brunch

See the amazing talents of local youth musicians at James Street at Youth Jam Session - Monthly Series

The Dustbowl Revival 3/12 at Club Cafe w/ Buffalo Rose gives us some sweet string musics

Monday through Wednesday offers up the usual suspects.. 
Open Mics Mon and Tues at Hambone'sPints on Penn and the AcoustiCafe at Smalls

Patti Smith and Her Band perform Horses 3/13 in Pittsburgh

The Sheckies, The Scratch n' Sniffs, Playoff beard at Howlers on Tuesday

Bachelor Boys: Live Showcase! at James St.

Ides Eve w/Murder For Girls, Mobina Galore at Rock Room

Wednesday gives us the Beware! The 22nd Annual ides of March March! on the South Side..

Rock N' Bowl at Arsenal lanes..

That's all for this week folks.. go on out and see a show.. support the scene.. as always..

#SupportALLPGHMusic and in the immortal words of Bill and Ted.. "Be Excellent to Each Other" !

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