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The CD release party and jam session for Cathy Stewart's new album,"Definite Maybe", happens June 20 at Riley's Pour House in Carnegie.
Musical guests include the kids from For Those About To Rock Academy (where Cathy is an Instructor) and members of Long Live Rock Academy. Many of Pittsburgh's top musical talent will be there as well.
Cathy has assembled an impressive array of talent in the creation of "Definite Maybe" including Matt Barranti, Bob Banarjee, and David Granati-- who also engineered and produced the album with an assist from Nashville based Producer Steve Rutledge.

cathystewartThis will truly be a celebration of family and friends for an incredibly talented singer/songwriter known for her unselfish support of local music.

Her friends call her "The Queen of 3:20", paying affectionate respect to her uncanny ability to write catchy, engaging and versatile pop songs that are also thoughtful and emotive, all in the optimum time range of radio friendly singles.

When I say versatile, I mean these songs can be played in literally any style or genre. That is the mark of a great song: It sounds equally good whether it's play by a country artist or a rock band. Having played guitar for Cathy Stewart Band on numerous occassions, I can tell you I rocked out on tracks that were originally recorded in a country style and they worked equally well. (And she loved it! )

As a musician, Cathy has my unqualified respect and admiration for her professionalism and commitment. As a dear friend, nay my little sister, she is a truly wonderful human being, and I am incredibly proud of her. "Definite Maybe" is a testament to her determination to get it right, and she slow-cooked this disc to perfection. (She's also known as a great cook, btw!)  It truly captures her passion for the music and dedication to crafting songs that stick to the roof of your musical palate like peanut butter-- sweet, salty and tasty torture you love-- and you will keep coming back for more.

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