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After The Fall has a Kickstarter Campaign for their New Video

After the Fall is looking to get back into the studio to record some new songs and shoot a music video.  They're taking the crowd funding approach, and those who support local music can make a difference.

Kickstarter campaigns are very helpful to bands and go a long way to replacing the high-interest loan business model of the major labels of the past. Fans can directly support bands without paying for lawyers and accountants and stockholders. It's the new paradigm.

After The Fall released the following press release:

"Hey there, everyone!! We're pleased to introduce our Kickstarter project to all of you! This is to help us fund getting back into the studio to record some new music and also to help us fund a music video for our newest song, "New S.A."! We're offering some really cool rewards in return for your contribution, please take a moment to swing by our Kickstarter page to check them out and see if there's something that interests you! Also, please help us get the word out about this by taking the time to share it with your friends, and on any social media platform that you can! We greatly appreciate the help and support, and are looking forward to delivering some new music, and a music video, to all of you here in the future!! The campaign only runs for 60 days, so if you're thinking about donating, don't wait!! Thanks again to everyone out there who supports what we do! Let's reach that goal so that we can put out some new music, and our very first music video, here real soon."

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