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Pittsburgh's music scene lost a family member March 3, 2017. Guitarist Pete Rossi passed away at the far too young age of 47.
It seems totally fitting that we pay tribute to a guitarist who was known for paying tribute to the greats of rock guitar. The man had an uncanny ability to duplicate the playing of some of the greatest guitarists of rock n roll, including Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen.
He was a well known member of several Pittsburgh bands including, Black Sunday, Bled Zeppelin (Zep tribute) and most recently, the Van Halen tribute band, Meanstreet.
The praise he received was always quantified by, "He was so humble." Like all the best guitarists, Pete knew the more he knew about playing guitar, the more he had to learn. That humility was central to his character.
Guitarist Chuck Robinson, of Bad Mother Trucker, summed it up: "As humble as he was talented !! A true musician!"
Photographer Cyndi Roach was a long time friend of Pete, having shot many photos of him. She concurs with Chuck: "Pete was one of those musicians who was super talented, but never had an ego about his abilities. A cool and talented person who will be missed by our music scene."
Drummer Vic Mannella of Zone 8 was fortunate to work with Pete over the years, and couldn't help getting emotional over the loss of his long time friend: "Pete was quite simply the best guitarist I have ever been on stage with. No disrespect to my band mates but to pull off Eddie Van Halen , you would have to be a freak on guitar and Pete was. He pushed me to be better... THIS BLOWS!"
One of the people most affected by Pete's passing is Meanstreet vocalist, Robby "DLR" Meyers. He released the following statement:

"My Brother Pete Was The Most Humble Musician (As His Talent Was Concerned). His Mind Was A Computer When It Came To Anything Music. 3 To 4 Hour Talks In The a.m. Hour's Of Many Many Mornings For 11 & 1/2 Year's I Would Have With Him About Music & Life In General.
Before Every Single Show We Performed With "Meanstreet", "Project Mayhem" & "My69", He Would Call Or Text Me The Day Before & Say "Robby, Don't Forget To Send Me The Set List For The Show" Because WITHOUT FAIL He Would Play Every Song On The Set List Before He Left His Home Before He Came To The Gig.
Pete "Eddie" Rossi Was My Brother On & Off Stage & I Am Going To Sincerely Miss Him. I've Laughed & Cried During Many Conversations With Him & His Humor I Will Remember FOREVER, But Make NO MISTAKE When He Put That Piece If Wood With 6 Strings On It Around He Neck There Was Only One Word That Could Describe Him "PHENOMENAL"!!!!. I MISS & LOVE YOU MY BROTHER Pete "Eddie" Rossi AS YOU NOW LIVE FOREVER FOR ETERNITY WITH JESUS & HIS ANGEL'S IN HEAVEN!!!!."

There is a Go Fund Me to assist Pete's Mom with the funeral expenses. Please donate whatever you can.
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