billythekid srvpostHow did you get involved with the Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute shows?

Billy:  I did the first one in Loraine Ohio in October and the show got picked up now. Randy knight is the producer of the show and called me and asked if I'd be interested in playing the part of SRV. I said absolutely. Google ghosts of the blues. There's more of a history of this show.

You're obviously a big SRV fan, but it must be challenging to play a show like this..?

Billy:  Uh yeah. Especially because no one can do Stevie better and Than Stevie and I have my own thing I've been doing for so long. The band is me Brian Edwards, John Hall and Joe Munroe. It's not easy for sure. I'm just trying to give it my best.  I'm grateful it's being received well.

First time I heard you play I thought you had the srv attack thing happening but you still sound like you.

Billy:   Thanks man. He's obviously and influence. To be honest my biggest influence was glenn pavone. That's who taught me how to play..

Glenn was a good friend.

Billy:  He was the best. I sang my first gig with him when I was 15. I didn't start playing Til I was 23.
Really? How old are you?

Billy: 40. (laughs) I was in the USAF for 11 years.

Yet Billy the Kid seems accurate... How did you get that name?

Billy:  I did a gig when I was 25 opening for Carl Weathersby. Albert King, the band guitarist-- he gave me that name. It stuck. I was the young cat in the room and he kept calling me, "The Kid".  I said, "Fuck it",  and rolled with it. It fits. I'm an outlaw. (laughs)  It has served me well.

billythekid1That's great. Are you working on anything we can look forward to?

Billy:   New anti Trump protest music.


Billy:  Blues funk Rock with an r&b rhythm section.

Can you elaborate a bit on the Trump project?

Billy:   The Trump project isn't really a Trump project, but more of a stand up and fight socially aware collection of original material. Trump was my motivation for sure, though.


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