PRESS RELEASE: January, 2017

It's been just over 20 years since Dead Fuzzy released their full-length CD, their second and final release after 1994's,  "Five Phases of Pain".

The demand for this CD remains high even 20 years later, and enough people have asked for a new copy to replace a lost or worn-out copy that, coinciding with it's 20 year anniversary, it's become the right time to re-release the original disc, along with the songs from "FivePhases..." as well as a few other original music "treasures" from the Dead Fuzzy vault. Full Circle Media will be remastering the original digital masters of the CD as well as other DF original music with a new cover and 4 panel booklet of liner notes, photos and items from our collections.

The CD is available for pre-sale orders and will be a limited run of 150 CD's only, so these will not last! The original discs sold out quickly in 1996 and some members of the band don't even have a copy for themselves. CD's are available via pre-order through Full Circle Media and will ship in January, 2017. We may put tracks online for instant download sale, but only if CD's sell out quickly - The CD quality being so much better than a downloaded MP3 file.

For instructions on how to order and a confirmation # after placing an order, you can contact Gabriel Ceyrolles through Facebook or at this e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - CD packages are $11.99 per disc, with a $2.50 packing and shipping charge. Track listing to include all of the CD and the 5 Phases EP + some additional unreleased tracks.

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