1. Everyone has some moment that made them want to be a musician in a band. Maybe it was a song, or an album you 'borrowed' from an older sibling, or a show you saw on TV, a magazine article... something that totally inspired you, and you just knew, this is what you wanted to play/sing/do. What is your moment?

Sean:   I had no idea who / what it was, but I knew that it was badass and that I loved it. Yep...the "bad" kids on the corner were playing this song and it was so amazing to me. Purps. Smoke On The Water. Cliche, I know, but truth. Immediately followed by Sabbath Master of Reality and the song Killer Queen. Yep.

2. You're stuck on a desert island. By some quirk of fate, when you crashed, you were returning from a record convention, where you bought an antique wind up turn table and your five all time favorite albums. List them:

Sean:  Not in order. Kiss- first album  Kiss- Love Gun   Black Sabbath - Master of Reality   Kiss - Destroyer   Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil


sean nestor3. Musicians are often creative in many arenas: art, writing, culinary. Tell us about something creative you enjoy besides making music.

Sean:  Drawing, painting and of course, cooking. I'm Italian. For realz??


4. All performers have experienced embarrassing moments on stage which are often humorous. Share one of yours, if you dare!

Sean:  Take this as you will. One night, as I was vamping on stage, as is common for me, I broke into a comic rant and/or monologue about "short" people. We know where this is going. It was actually supposed to be the lead in to a song, however they brought the house lights up and there she was, plain as the nose on my face... A "little" person...staring at me as if I had stolen her last meal. Wrong? Yes. Funny? Damned straight!!!


5. What is the one piece of advice you would give to a young person just starting out in the Biz?

Sean:   Don't, for one minute, think that this is the way to make your fame and fortune. Do what you do because you enjoy it. Play with people that you like/love. If you make money, awesome. If you don't, it will soften the blow knowing that you are having fun with your friends and/or brothers/sisters. Music is no different then a bowling / softball league. It is your passion, pastime, etc. You rent shoes, pay for your league and/or field time. Don't expect anything out of it other than fun and the fulfillment of your inner passion. If you happen to make millions of dollars, that is a bonus.

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