Angel O-drums, Vinnie Q-gtrs, Rocky Bulldog Lamonde-bass, Bobby C-vocals, Darryl Van Zant-gtrs, 

The Dirty Charms
Drummer Angelo Amantea talks about the Penn Rock Scholarship Contest, signing an EP deal with Supermonkey Recording Company and being an old school rock band in the new world order.



How you doing?

Angelo Amantea
Pretty good.

I talked a bit with Chris Groblewski at Supermonkey Recording Company today. You guys just inked a deal with his label?

Angelo Amantea
Yeah, two things goin on. We signed one where he fronts us money to record, and we pay him back from sales, mostly didgital. He also will book us some stuff and promote, so we will see. Seems likea guy with some hustle. Plus the winners of the Penn Rock contest stepped down, we were second, so now we are winners and that gives us another EP of 4 songs, one where we dont pay shit for, but he gets a cut of sales, so all in all, hes going to help promote us, etc. Chris was blown away when he saw the new version with Bobby C singing. It's very swaggering rock n roll. Also got Vinnie Q added on guitar. Nobody is doing this timeless type of rock n roll anymore in Pittsburgh, so it stands out.  Old skool, is new school!!

Vinnie is a great guitarist. really the whole band is well known as top players-- how long have you been together as a unit?

dirtycharms3Angelo Amantea
Started in 2009 with me , Rocky, Darrel and Trym Killi. Trym quit in 2013? (Laughs) Bad with dates. Then we formed Muscle of Love (Alice Cooper Tribute) and said, well fuck it lets add Bob n Vin n do the Charms. More good ol' swingin rock n roll, more up my alley. Thanks for the compliment. I like to think we give off a "been here, done it, this is second nature vibe".

You guys have a nice garage rock-- glam kind of thing-- is that a fair description?

Angelo Amantea
Yeah I'd say so. I call it Street Walkin, Hard Struttin rock n roll. (Laughs) Stonesy, NY Dolls, Dogs d'amour--some soul n thump n bump.

Do you guys write as a band or is it more individuals writing?

Angelo Amantea
We took some Rocky tunes from the old Charms, n Darrel wrote the rest. We are preparing to do more writing over the winter as we record. Sorta regrouping and gettin' down to biz.

Sounds like the rock Gods are smiling on you guys.

Angelo Amantea
Well hey, they been smilin on me in other ways for a long time, I'm grateful for it all. Rock n roll gave me a home.

The scene here has been kind of stagnant, but bands like the Charms seem to gig pretty regular-- what are your thoughts on what's right and wrong here?

Angelo Amantea
I think there tons n tons of shows. It's too much-- that folks have so so many choices. Really, it's tough competition man. Folks love the metal n the real hard stuff, and the americana n rockabilly-ish. When you are straight rock n roll, its exotic to them (laughs), so whatever, we just do what we do.  There's really no right or wrong, short attention spans are wrong for sure, but thats the phone culture. They could be on the way to see ya n get a text that there are more bitches at another show or what ever. It's also wrong how cheap folks are. Five bucks! Gasp!!! But there is a lotta spirit too...so I try n focus on what is good.


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