chrisgroblewskiChris Groblewski took time out of his increasingly busy schedule to talk about his new record label, Supermonkey Recording Company.



Can you describe the services the label provides to the artist? 

Chris:  We provide management, production, accounting, and marketing for artists and their music.  

Do you finance the recording? Handle PR, bookings, etc? 

Chris:  We do a little bit of everything, really what ever is needed to make it happen.  We put together a plan and go make it happen. Every artist is different.  At the end of the day like all record companies, the artist is responsible for covering the cost in the long haul.  I’m sure every artists will say “Yes he said that” – I am not a bank.  I try to be as efficient as possible when recording the music, but without sacrificing the sound or the band/artist’s vision.  I would love to put out a BIG hit record, I think it can happen.  

One of your bands just released a CD? 

Chris:  Yes Solarburn RED.  I’m very excited about that record because it was the 1st record I put out that wasn’t my own.  

What kind of criteria do you consider when looking at a band to sign? 

Chris:  I just trust my gut and go with what I like.  But I look at a lot of things like songwriting, live show, and overall marketability of the act.  I’m very picky about who I bring on board.  I put a lot of thought into it.

I see. Will you be looking at more bands and if so, should they approach you? 

Chris:  Absolutely, I love hearing new music.


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