Now that we've all reached the F*ck This portion of the winter season.. and Mother Nature is clearly off her meds shoving all 4 seasons into a week around here.. What I really wanna know.. is... how y'll doing out there? Ya hangin' in, hangin' out? So far, even for winter doldrums.. there's been a few bright spots in the local scene keeping everyone from descending into full on hermit status.. 
**NOTE** This is usually the time of the year I attempt to become a complete recluse and threaten to not come out from under a blanket till May.. luckily all you musical types force my old arse out there among the living.. 
And this midwinter weekend is no different. looks like a fine showing of events, both musical and non, to arouse your interests enough to put on some fancy duds and seek socialization NOT on your computers and phones.. 
Getting started.. with the unofficial Friday practice night....

I know I usually just stick with the local scene.. and leave the big venues to do their own advertising ... but can I just say.. 
George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic at Stage AE! 
Lets Bring the Funk!! 
 Okay, that's the last you'll hear from me on big national acts.. they get enough press and push..

Lets talk live and local.. Kicking off an entire week and a half of Carnival/Mardi Gras stuff on the North shore and beyond.. (cause we can't ALL go to NOLA)

Hiow about Mardis Gras - The Jazz Conspiracy Big Band with Dance Lesson (The Elks in North Side)

Thieves and Lovers ft. Ferdinand the Bull and Buffalo Rose

Some metal gettin' loud at Smalls with Zao 2/16 at Mr. Smalls w/ Candiria, Fit For An Autopsy,Slaves BC

The Movement 2/16 at Club Cafe w/ Brahctopus, Stationary Pebbles

Third Thursday Bluegrass with special guest Eric Brockschmidt (Hop Farm)

They're Doin' the dancin' at Belvies and Cattivo.. 
Y2k No RaDio and 2000s Dance Party at Cattivo (I'm sensing a theme dahn 'ner in LV)

and if its Thursday.. the jokesters are at Hambone's for Comedy Open Mic & Nacho Nite Hosted by Derek Minto!

Howlers has a treat with Nobunny, The Lopez, Dumplings, The Spectres*yes, you must wear pants

How's that for a full Thursday evening in the 'burgh.. ??

And then the weekend gets into it .. 
FRIDAY, Feb. 17

Again, I swerve away from local music for a minute.. cause Row House Cinema begins a full two weeks of all kind of fun events for Harry Potter fest.. Yes, all you muggles and wizard nerds (I'm including myself in this group, don't judge) go to their website and behold both grown up and family friendly events and movie schedule for the next two weeks..

Okay, back to the local music scene.. where were we? Oh yeah, Friday..

Not that I'm in the habit of pushing DVE stuff.. but.. at Smalls this fine evening is FREE! WDVE Winterfest 2/17 at Mr. Smalls featuring a buncha local bands doing a thing..

And on the North Side.. in the theme of midwinter parties.. The Big Chill 2017 .. formerly Snowball, they're going all formal at James Street with it this year..

So.. two events, two chances to check out a wide variety of local music in a mish mash of genres all under a roof, with heat n'at.

Around town.. for the all ages crowd..

2/17 - Left Cross, Taphos Nomos, Mere Phantoms, and more! (The Shop) and 
Gobbinjr / Rue / Same / Space Buns Forever @Roboto

Back to 21+
Paddy the Wanderer/The Chad Sipes Stereo at The Park House

13 Saints / The Long Knives 2/17 at Club Cafe

@SteelhousePickers are doing the honky tonkin at Hambone's

And they be jammin', jivin' and jukin' at Howlers with Manic Soul // Bindley Hardware Co. // The Moat Rats

Good stuff out there on Friday.. but then.. 
 Hey everybody.. ITS SATURDAY!

Feb. 18. My E-vites list says I have 23 events on Sat.. 23.. starting at 11 am.. so.. I'm just gonna list 'em up earliest to into the night.. get up, get out, word is we got a warm up coming..

2/18: Roboto Punk Rock Flea Market

LIVE SHOW: Sarah Halter, Julius Yordnoff, + Open Hearts (Bookshelf Cafe)

Standing With Standing Rock - A Benefit in Three Parts (Yes, we still need to stand with the water protectors out there)

Avery, Danvers and WhiteThrash (Blackforge Coffee)

Venue Appreciation Series #2: The Venus Flytrap

Much A-Brew About Nothing (Hambone's comedy night begins..)

2/18 Hogwash: True Drinking Stories from Around the Burgh!

David and Pappy at Starlite

29 & Feelin' Fine - Birthday Bash & Art Show has some live painting and killer bands goin on. at Pints on Penn

YO! Pittsburgh Raps: the 90s Party! (Not sure where this is, but Writings on the Wall? )

Anton DeFade Trios Debut (James St. )

2/18 Hambone's Stand-Up Rumble

and.. a release party at Howlers .. 
Lorenzo's Oil EP Release Show

How's that for a damn Saturday in tha 'burgh? Don't tell me there's nothin' to do.. and that's not even all of it..

Okay, we round out the weekend on


Again, starting off bright and early.. get your Bloody Marys and hangover fix at 
Acoustic Brunch at the 'bonez

at 2.. something different.. live music accompanies silent film. at Silents, Please! The Flying Ace (1926)

At 5 East End Appalachian Jam gets going at Hambone's

Mrs. Eda Bagel is "Crazed and Confused" (Brillobox)

Pretty Things Peepshow at the Rex Pittsburgh PA has the Coney Island crew visiting the 'burgh

40 Love Songs at Spirit Lodge

and why not get all punk n'at on a Sunday.. Latecomer / Girl Scout (BK) / Mauve / Birthrates (Gooskis)

Whew.. what a weekend .. Oh and its presidents day weekend.. soo.. time to buy new sheets and towels ..

After that weekend.. if you've still got the stamina.. (or work the service industry and finally get your weekend) 
Monday - Wednesday things.. 
And I tell you these every week, cause they happen every week.. 
Open mics (Acoustic and comedy) Monday at .. Smalls, Hambone's, Pints on Penn 
Tuesday at Hambone's

Rock N' Bowl at Arsenal Lanes.

Live Loop Music Night - host Mike Why, ft LKHD & Clay McLeod! at Smalls

Autopilot from:(Saskatchewan) at Howlers

And we'll circle back around and see y'all back here on Thursday for more.. closing out February fun.. Mardi Gras parties and whatever else I can find out there..

Now, go on, pluck your chin hairs.. find some friends.. shop for sheets.. but GO SEE A SHOW..

As always.. #SupportALLPGHMusic

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