The halls are decked, the lights are glowing, the kitchen is a damn wreck from baking..  

Ahhh, its holiday time!   And for the next two weeks.. all around the town, there's shopping, and parties and rockin' round the town..

Yes, before we settle into full winter hibernation.. lets just hang with old friends, check out some shows, raise a few pints of cheer and celebrate, Solstice, Yule, Hannakha, Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa, and the flushing of 2016 down the drain (RIP)  and the welcoming of a new year..  Whatever you celebrate, or if you celebrate nothing at all.. Its the time of the year to take stock, put to rest the past year, and get ready to start all over again right?

Or, maybe we just do some heavy drinkin', eat a lot of food and rock it out..  
And this week.. oh holy christmas cookies batman..  all the parties go into full swing.. (Did I just say that?  Sorry, I have flour and sugar clogging my brain functions)
Anywho.. lets get going into what's going on in our little world this next week..

THURSDAY.. December 15 (the countdown begins)
Choices include Bluegrass, Punk, Soul & Funk, Comedy, the regular 80s night and,  oh crap. a full on band birthday that includes the Crue.. (Motley Crue that is)

Dan Bubien Music Company: Live at James Street offers up some funky soul over on the North Shore..

If you're lucky you got tix to the SOLD OUT - Earthless 12/15 Club Cafe w/ Ruby The Hatchet, Cruces on the South Side..

If'n you're in the mood for some fine local craft brews.. Third Thursday Bluegrass is happening at Hop Farm Brewery in LV..

And, of course, the weekly 80s dance party happens at Belvedere's for all you dancin' fools that can't seem to let go of that decade..

Hambone's has the weekly Comedy Open Mic and Personal Nacho Night Hosted by Derek Minto!

If your tastes are a little punkier.. up on Polish Hill.. Shellshag / The Lopez / Remainders @Gooski's

Aaand.. if you've never seen Working Breed  you really need to.. fronted by the multitalented, Erika Laing.. and a wild group of musicians.. they are hard to define..  but always give a memorable performance.. this week the band celebrates their band-a-versary.. with Christmas Crüe - A Working Breed Birtholiday Party (I can only say, I'm really sure this will be worth being hung over on Friday for)

FRIDAY, December 16
The weekend begins.. the parties get rockin', there's dancin, and singin' and movin' with the groovin'.. (and no, its not Wild Cherry, I just got that ear worm stuck in my head)

If country and honky tonkin is your thing..
Early on, there's an in store show with Get Hip Records .. Slim LIVE at Juke Records FRI 12/16 6pm

and when you're done record shopping and hanging with Slim Forsythe.. continue to feed your country hearts across the street at Howlers at..
Howler's Holiday Hullabaloo: BHCo. / Bros Jenkins / A Autumn  

And while you're in the ol' Bloomifield.. you may wanna check into the House of Pierogi, (BBT) do a good thing and check out some bangin' bands at Raising $ for the ACLU: The Park Plan, The Fuckies, Blue Clutch

Should you find yourself in the North Side..  you may wanna get your fill of all things horny (pun intended) .. John Petrucelli Large Ensemble Live at James Street Ballroom!

And Club Cafe on the South Side has the folky stuffs .. Driftwood 12/16 at Club Cafe w/ The Wreckids, Dear Other

Do ya wanna dance?  There's dance party at Belvedere's

And if you're in need of some Christmas spirit and joy.. Tim & John head up the annual Christmas Sing-Along..  Always a great night!

That gets us into
SATURDAY, December 17

And my oh my you can't swing a cat by its tail without hitting a holiday festivity.. (I'm kidding people, please don't really go swinging cats by their tails.. they don't like it at all)

Here's my picks for the day/night

Starting at 10 am (yes that's in the morning people) ..
An all ages, family friendly 24 Hour Dance-A-Thon, A Toys for Tots Charity Event at the Marriott City Center.. Get your boogie on for a cause.. and see how long you can last. There will be DJs, local celebrities, sports folks..  

At Hambone's.. a full day of entertainment...
5 pm .. the monthly Family Friendly Open Mic.. that's right, an Open Stage for the munchkins ..  a place to have a burger.. enjoy a meal, and NOT have to tell the kids to sit down and shut up.. cause they are actively encouraged to get up and show off..
7 pm.. hilarity begins.. Much A- Brew About Nothing: A Drunken Night of Shakespeare followed by
@Hogwash: True Drinking Stories from around the 'burgh and Hambone's Stand Up Comedy Rumble  
A full night of hilarity..

Hugh Twyman's Annual HughShows Secret Santapalooza III on the South Side features a bunch of local superstar indie bands all covering each other..  limited tix still available for this if ya hurry..

Also on the Sahth Side.. at The Moose.. Benefit Event: Pittsburgh Stands with Standing Rock offers much in local talent and another opportunity to help the water protectors out in North Dakota

And Howlers.. the annual Happy Howlerdays with Nightly Standard & Tim Vitullo .. horn section carol seranade, two insanely great bands.. and oh hey, I'm a doing the cooking for a holiday buffet.. Its a no cover night at long as you bring a toy to donate to a local child.

Lots more out there.. but those are my top picks for Saturday.. if you don't find your cup of tea there..  look around check your favorite venues.. see what's up..get out and see a show or something..

Closing out the weekend.. SUNDAY FUNDAY things..

Hmmm.. I guess nobody wanted to send me e-vites to things on Sunday this week. Perhaps they're saving it all up for Christmas week and into the New Year.

But if you're in need of socialization and more musics.. (and ain't we all)

Get up for Acoustic Brunch at the 'bonez.. Joe Pucciarelli and Jeremy Caywood host every Sunday morning..  great music collides with your Bloody Marys and pancakes..

Later.. Fiddles and Strings take over at the East End Appalachian Jam

And what would the holiday season be without..
Festivus XII: Wm Forrest, Mike Miller, Lorenz Oil,Sorry I'm Dead at Howlers.. its the holiday for the "rest ov us" complete with pole, feats of strength, airing of grievances and a Seinfeld trivia battle..

For breaks from cooking, baking, shopping stress..

The Open Mics are at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls on Monday..
Hambone's offers Jazz Standards, Blues and Showtunes open on Monday... and Acoustic Open Stage Hosted by Jeremy Caywood on Tuesday

There's a Monday Roboto show .. dream pop and electronic tunes.. Told Slant / Emily Reo / Sharpless / Half Spring @Roboto

And Jackson Howard 12/20 at Club Cafe w/ Arlo Aldo

And I have a few things on my radar for Wednesday other than the weekly bluegrass jam at the Park House ..

Darkest Before The Dawn: A Fundraiser for PERSAD Center


Bob Fleming & The Drunk Girl Chorus, Old Joy, Bryan McQuaid at Howlers..

Go on.. get out there and see what Pittsburgh has to offer in the local music scene.   Get all into the spirit of the season.. sing, dance, SEE A SHOW!!  


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Saturday, Dec 17: Christmas Party with U.S. Kids!

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