kelseyfridayKelsey Friday is the former lead singer of Brownie Mary, whose unique sound found a loyal following that began in Pittsburgh but soon stretched from Colombus, OH, to New York and South to Sarasota.

After two self-released CDs sold in excess of 20,000 units, they signed to Blackbird/Atlantic Records and followed up in 1998 with their first national release, "NAKED." Brownie Mary enjoyed substantial airplay with "NAKED," and toured extensively, playing 250 dates in the twelve months following its release with artist's including the Dave Mathew's Band, Fuel, and Greenday (just to name a few).

Brownie Mary took some time off while Kelsey spent about a year in Los Angeles collaborating with a variety of incredible songwriters. She was working closely with producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5) and together they were trying to launch her solo career. But, as for so many, everything changed on September 11, 2001. Kelsey decided to go back home to Pittsburgh but soon began missing the stage and the dynamics of being in a band. She took some of the songs she wrote in LA, wrote some new ones with the band, and there you have it...Brownie Mary's next, independent release, "Collide."

Appearing Saturday, Nov 9, 7pm at Club Cafe.

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