David GranatiDavid Granati
All musicians have warm-up routines, rituals if you will.

Playing guitar walks the line between the physical demands of playing the drums and the subtle nuance and digital dexterity of playing piano. In the case of guitarists like Pete Townsend, Steve Vai and David Granati, the physical aspect goes beyond playing the instrument and literally becomes acrobatics.

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atf band

After The Fall has a Kickstarter Campaign for their New Video

After the Fall is looking to get back into the studio to record some new songs and shoot a music video.  They're taking the crowd funding approach, and those who support local music can make a difference.

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skell 1 

We talked to Skell guitarist Mike Palone about their new EP, "Everything is Fine" and the tragic death of their drummer, Keith Kweder.

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chuck berry wertz

The day that our class was graduating from Hempfield High School, my best friend, Michelle and I were in Chicago. We decided it was more celebratory for us to see Chuck Berry at the Blues Fest than to stand in the heat and collect a piece of paper.

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