afterthefall myconfession

My Confession by Pittsburgh based After the Fall was for the most part what I expected; well played power rock with nods to the classics. The band is tight, and Doug Carnahan sings with passion in a pleasant, raspy voice reminiscent of the rock n roll greats.

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 joemarini cd

As I sit here listening to Sympathy and Criticism by drummer/vocalist Joe Marini, I find that it’s difficult at best to peg his style. There are least 4 different genres represented.

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If Forrest Gump was right when he said, “Life is a box of chocolates”, the new CD from former Rusted Root drummer, Jim Donovan, is a box with only the good kind, and he’s some kind of Willy Wonka. Each song is unique and yet, a definite part of the same family.

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