1. Everyone has some moment that made them want to be a musician in a band. Maybe it was a song, or an album you 'borrowed' from an older sibling, or a show you saw on TV, a magazine article... something that totally inspired you, and you just knew, this is what you wanted to play/sing/do. What is your moment?

Sean:   I had no idea who / what it was, but I knew that it was badass and that I loved it. Yep...the "bad" kids on the corner were playing this song and it was so amazing to me. Purps. Smoke On The Water. Cliche, I know, but truth. Immediately followed by Sabbath Master of Reality and the song Killer Queen. Yep.

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memphismike bw

I've been sitting here trying to think of some words of wisdom to
impart to the younger musicians. The ones that would pay attention,
already are. There ain't many of them...but they are there. AND
they're paying attention to what us old farts do and say.

So I'll try to not come across like a cranky uncle, but I can't make
any promises.

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afterthefall myconfession

My Confession by Pittsburgh based After the Fall was for the most part what I expected; well played power rock with nods to the classics. The band is tight, and Doug Carnahan sings with passion in a pleasant, raspy voice reminiscent of the rock n roll greats.

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