Describe the music of Plan B for those who may be unfamiliar:

Byron:  PLANB is a fusion of rock, funk and soul that uses pop sensibility as a simplistic thread in our music. We strive for high musicality within a simple context. We infuse complexity into our style by being musical, but keep it totally accessible to the listener.

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mark slaughter

Mark Slaughter and Pittsburgh

One of the weirder nights I experienced was at a Rib-Fest, or whatever it was called, circa 1995-ish, with hair bands from the 80's on the bill.

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Tales from the Music Biz: The View of a Guy in Pittsburgh



This is the first part of a series. Please forgive the sin of using "I" to start sentences, but this is as much a monologue as anything else.

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1. Everyone has some moment that made them want to be a musician in a band. Maybe it was a song, or an album you 'borrowed' from an older sibling, or a show you saw on TV, a magazine article... something that totally inspired you, and you just knew, this is what you wanted to play/sing/do. What is your moment?

Sean:   I had no idea who / what it was, but I knew that it was badass and that I loved it. Yep...the "bad" kids on the corner were playing this song and it was so amazing to me. Purps. Smoke On The Water. Cliche, I know, but truth. Immediately followed by Sabbath Master of Reality and the song Killer Queen. Yep.

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