billythekid srvpostHow did you get involved with the Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute shows?

Billy:  I did the first one in Loraine Ohio in October and the show got picked up now. Randy knight is the producer of the show and called me and asked if I'd be interested in playing the part of SRV. I said absolutely. Google ghosts of the blues. There's more of a history of this show.

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David Bowie 1
Rock stars, movie stars, TV stars... there is a timelessness about modern fame that is still relatively new to us in terms of our history and how we see it. The age of electronic communications has increasingly preserved our icons in ways no statue or painting ever could.
We are often shocked when we see photos of aging celebrities looking... old. This is especially true of celebrities who we have known since they -- and we-- were young and beautiful.

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PRESS RELEASE: January, 2017

It's been just over 20 years since Dead Fuzzy released their full-length CD, their second and final release after 1994's,  "Five Phases of Pain".

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Chrome Moses Bassist T.j. Connolly took a few mintues to talk about their new release, Mother Volt.

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