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Everything Is Fine   


Rating: Highly Recommended


Everything is Fine serves as a brilliant homage and high testament to the now departed Skell drummer Keith Kweder. (RIP)

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horusmaze trophy
Jerry Welsh - Guitar;  Josh Egal - Vocals;  Zack Anderson - Bass;  Lee Andresky - Drums;  Noah Lheureau - Guitar

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Horus Maze is a hard rocking 5-piece band that really brought high energy to Round 2 of The X Winter Rock Challenge February 10 at Hard Rock Cafe.

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Round 2, February 10, 2016.
As a judge, I try very hard to be fair. There are styles of music I love, and styles I absolutely loathe, but my personal opinion is just that: Personal.
Professionally, I view the bands within the context of their genre, their originality, a fresh take on an established style-- pop, metal, whatever-- something that makes them unique to themselves. Or as we in the Biz say: They have "It".

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