1. Everyone has some moment that made them want to be a musician in a band. Maybe it was a song, or an album you 'borrowed' from an older sibling, or a show you saw on TV, a magazine article... something that totally inspired you, and you just knew, this is what you wanted to play/sing/do. What is your moment?

Sean:   I had no idea who / what it was, but I knew that it was badass and that I loved it. Yep...the "bad" kids on the corner were playing this song and it was so amazing to me. Purps. Smoke On The Water. Cliche, I know, but truth. Immediately followed by Sabbath Master of Reality and the song Killer Queen. Yep.


2. You're stuck on a desert island. By some quirk of fate, when you crashed, you were returning from a record convention, where you bought an antique wind up turn table and your five all time favorite albums. List them:

Sean:  Not in order. Kiss- first album  Kiss- Love Gun   Black Sabbath - Master of Reality   Kiss - Destroyer   Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil


sean nestor3. Musicians are often creative in many arenas: art, writing, culinary. Tell us about something creative you enjoy besides making music.

Sean:  Drawing, painting and of course, cooking. I'm Italian. For realz??


4. All performers have experienced embarrassing moments on stage which are often humorous. Share one of yours, if you dare!

Sean:  Take this as you will. One night, as I was vamping on stage, as is common for me, I broke into a comic rant and/or monologue about "short" people. We know where this is going. It was actually supposed to be the lead in to a song, however they brought the house lights up and there she was, plain as the nose on my face... A "little" person...staring at me as if I had stolen her last meal. Wrong? Yes. Funny? Damned straight!!!


5. What is the one piece of advice you would give to a young person just starting out in the Biz?

Sean:   Don't, for one minute, think that this is the way to make your fame and fortune. Do what you do because you enjoy it. Play with people that you like/love. If you make money, awesome. If you don't, it will soften the blow knowing that you are having fun with your friends and/or brothers/sisters. Music is no different then a bowling / softball league. It is your passion, pastime, etc. You rent shoes, pay for your league and/or field time. Don't expect anything out of it other than fun and the fulfillment of your inner passion. If you happen to make millions of dollars, that is a bonus.

memphismike bw

I've been sitting here trying to think of some words of wisdom to
impart to the younger musicians. The ones that would pay attention,
already are. There ain't many of them...but they are there. AND
they're paying attention to what us old farts do and say.

So I'll try to not come across like a cranky uncle, but I can't make
any promises.

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be taylorThe sudden passing of Pittsburgh music icon B.E. Taylor has shocked the entire city.
Taylor was a much loved and respected member of the original wave of Pittsburgh rockers, gaining fame for his hit song, "Vitamin L" and sharing the spotlight with many of Pittsburgh's top musicians over the years.
But even more, Taylor was known for his extremely popular annual Christmas shows, featuring the best of our area talent in a celebration that brought joy to everyone involved.
And that is perhaps his greatest achievement: He brought people together through his music.
Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends. He will be sorely missed.


East End bassist Robbie Perrone is a great player and an all-around cool dude. He has played in many working bands over the past decade. We talked to him about his current band, East End.

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