Chrome Moses Bassist T.j. Connolly took a few mintues to talk about their new release, Mother Volt.

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Mama Sez is our new weekly update on what's happening in our music scene. Enjoy.

So, its late Monday night.(or early Tuesday if you insist on being technical) . I got some baking done today.. at least the one cookie tray I needed out before Thanksgiving.. Had some extra cookies.. Buttt... the grandsons just wandered in and took all the buckeyes.. 
Eh.. I'll get the supplies I forgot yesterday in the morning, do some more baking and hopefully, FINALLY get some clothes washed.. 

In the meantime.. despite being really depressed about the state of the world right now.. and things beyond my control .. lets prep for a short week, having folks over, breaking bread together and trying for just a little humanity.. 

There are opportunities to gather together.. raise a pint.. sing a song.. or find humor (something sorely needed right now) 

Y'all got short work weeks.. (and you're probably not really going back to work until next week sometime) So..since I gotta do some more cooking and baking n'at.. I'm a give you a whole week of cool shit to check out.. lets take a look see ..


Normally the mid week hump day.. this week.. its party night! Everyone catching up with old friends in town for the holiday.. getting ready for family, friends and feasting.. 

There's a party in every bar, venue, hole in the wall and street corner... 

To begin.. from 5 to 8 pm on Wed.. if you wish to gather for a Thanksgiving meal .. 42nd Annual Albright Community Thanksgiving Eve Dinner.. an opportunity to gather with strangers and break bread.. maybe find common ground?

Then we see the lights we see the party lights.. and they are all over the place.. so by neighborhood..

Starting on the Nort Sahd..

Along with the regular Wednesday night Banjos and Bluegrass at the Elks and Park House respectively..

Motown Records Night w/ The Ruckus Bros. at James Street..

In the South Side.. (oh hell, its just gonna be a shit show over there and we all know it) 
But, if you just wanna sneak in and out and see a show.. maybe check out.. 
Slim Cessna's Auto Club 11/23 at Club Cafe w/The Beagle Brothers (if this wasn't in the damn South Side on party night, I'd be all over this one) 
Sing a bit o' karaoke at the Smiling Moose. (okay I just threw that in there to see if you're all paying attention)

If you're over in the old LV (Lawrenceville for all you young bucks that have no idea what that means)

Starting down in the 10th Ward.. 

slim fiddlersThe other Slim.. Slim Forsythe will be holding court with good friends at Slim Candy Nied's Jane West Four Fiddlers .. a real hoedown..

At the Thanksgiving Eve - 2016 features Molly Alphabet at the AOH Div. 23

Movin' on up to the 9th Ward.. 
Home 4 da Holidaze (Spirit) features the freshman debut of local rock star Carrie Battle's other new project)

Its Pub Game Night at Hambone's.. bring the crew and enjoy trivia and board games mixed with brews and good food.. (get a burger before the big feast the next day)

Wild Kindness Records & Redfishbowl are throwing down at Belvies where rock and art mix it up..

Skip 6th Ward and slide on over that bridge to...

mikewhyMillvale where Mike Why Album Release Party feat. Canada's Jean-Paul de Roover will be going on at Smalls..

Even Morningside gets in on the pre TGiving party night with 
Thanksgiving Eve Party W/ Ridgemont High @ The Bulldog Pub



lumber n steel

Out west it's the big Thankgiving eve party with Lumber N Steel bringing their southern fried rock show to the Mousetrap.



Up the hill from Larryville.. 

bessemersHowlers kicks off what will be an entire week of kickass rock n' roll (ya might wanna just bring your sleeping bags and camp out in Bloomfield this week) 
Howler's Somewhat Annual Thanksgiving Eve Hootenanny (that's a lie.. its always a party) But.. lets do stuffing balls, The Bessemers and The Allegheny Rhythm Rangers to start the weeks party before we go all nuts later in the week.

Thursday.. the big ol feast day.. Enjoy your families, friends and foods.. 

Buut.. if you need to hang out..

Howlers will open at 8 with a Friendsgiving.. bring a dish, a bag o chips and have a bit of whatever is out .. raise a pint.. maybe we'll watch a movie or the sports ball.. Chico will open the bar and provide untold comic relief..

and there's a . Live Read of Planes, Trains and Automobiles at Hambone's
(this should be entertaining as hell)

and (of course) the 80's Neon Night will happen at Belvies


Climb out of your triptophan induced stupors. go get those damn Black Friday bargains.. (nothing in the world would ever get me out there.. but hey, you all enjoy yourselves)

However.. if you're in need of musical relief.. I got e-vites to ...

Black Friday Square Dance! at an Auto Body Shop (really?)

Black Friday rock n roll blow out sale at Albert's in Dormont!!! With Volcano Dogs and Bottle Rat!!!

Black Friday Sagittarius Party for the hip hoppers over at The Smiling Moose

Blackout Friday! 11/25 at Mr. Smalls for the jammy bands and artists combining efforts.. 
(I'm sensing a running theme here, how about you)

Oh wait.. there's more.. (events that don't invoke the word Black in the name)

Its TITLE TOWN Soul & Funk Party 7 Year Anniversary w/ DJ Buscrates for the dancy dance at Spirit

and more dancey dance dahn at Belvies with Celebrity Death Mash (Zombo vs Killjoy) ( I have no clue, but if Zombo's involved anything can happen)

Hambone's, the jokesters take the stage with all the comedy provided by spending the week with family..

Up on Polish Hill.. 

Husky Burnette / Six Speed Kill / Jayke Orvis at Gooskis (I've seen Husky.. dude is amazing.. and these other dudes and Jayke's no slouch either)

and Bloomfield offers..

the loud at Brillo with XaDDaX / MiCROWAVES / CHOiR / TaNNiNG MaCHiNE

and all the insanity of Live Band Karaoke.. (yes that is exactly as it sounds.. band plays, you sing) PBR Presents Live Band Karaoke, Leftover Edition at Howlers (and Howlers has a theme this week.. all kick ass all weekend)

(Whew.. that's just Friday.. but seriously.. there's damn near everything from square dance to dancy dance to hip hop to roots to funnies to metal to rock n' roll .. if you can't find something to check out.. you just ain't tryin' folks)

Saturday.. in the park.. (no wait, not in the park, its freaking freezing out there)

But there's more, more more.. Its "Small Business Saturday" which to me is insane.. because we should always be supporting smalll business.. but I guess they give them a designated day after we all spent our monies at the big box stores on Friday.. screw that.. shop your neighborhoods people.. okay, off my soap box and back to "where the shows are"

I'm a keep Saturday short and sweet cause I have a few select picks..

Starting on the South Side today..

A Dirty and Wicked Thanksgiving ! (Excuses)

The Irishmen are out and about this weekend .. 
Bastard Bearded Irishmen at Crafthouse Stage and Grill (I honestly have no freaking idea where this place is)

TributeFest VII Night 3 at Mr Smalls Funhouse features Johnny Cash, The Pretenders, The Cars, and Killing Joke..

Back To Basics Burlesque Goes Back To Basics at Hambone's (I guess I don't need to explain that)

The old Palanzos Beer distributor in Bloomfield is becoming a secret "pop up" show venue and this week has The magical pop-up mystery party: SIDE EYE + delicious pastries

and a damn fine killer show ..

The Living Deads In Pittsburg PA. brings in Ben Dumm And The East Side Band and Lords of the Highway .. seriously people you don't wanna miss this..

Tongue N Cheek will be bringing their hair band 80s rock to the Mousetrap on the west side. Check out some roadhouse rock n roll if you're out that way.

And then.. and then..

Sunday funday.. if you're still standing and breathing or just wanna finish out the holiday with a bang..

Get up, and go on dahn to Hambone;s from 10 am till 2 pm for Acoustic Brunch and have your soul soothed by music while sipping that Bloody Mary and order up the hangover special or biscuits and gravy..

And at 5 pm.. there's an East End Appalachian Jam for those into strings n' things..

at 6.. Friendsgiving w/ NOX BOYS, The Summercamp, Scribes & S Pellegrino over at James Street..

and Howlers closes out the Rock n' Roll weekend with Barb Wire Dolls, Torn Apart Hearts, False Flag Campaign

There, make your plans.. get your sitters..whatever.. see y'all out there somewhere..



Monday.. Nov. 28 through Thursday Dec. 1

Monday, Nov. 28 

Opening day of Buck season..  if'n ya bagged a big one.. bring me some o' that roast.. if you're still standing after that weekend..or are a service industry people that busted butt all weekend and now get your chance..  There are opportunities to hang out, sing if you can..bang your head or just chill .. 

6:30 pm - Cabaret...  Jazz Standards, Blues and Showtunes Open Stage at Hambone's

Followed by Five and Dime Comedy and Improv late night.. 

7 pm - AcoustiCafe Open Stage at Smalls Funhouse 

8 pm

Ulcerate, Zhrine, and Phobocosm at The Smiling Moose 
Tuesday, November 29 
Toozday Boozday in the 'burgh..  
Open Stages at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, James Street Gastropub and Cherylann Hawk hosts at Hambone's.. 
Punkyness on Polish Hill with.. 
THE BRASS (NYC Skinhead)
along with...
SILENCE (dark post punk from the PGH)
PEACE TALKS (electric word life band)

Wednesday, Nov. 30 
7 pm Banjo Night at the Elks..  
9 pm .  Bluegrass Jam at The Park House
Hambone's has Pub Game Night
Henry Bachorski hosts Open Stage at Full Pint Wild Side Taproom 
Music for the Cause features a whole slew of performers both upstairs and downstairs raising funds for ACLU and other great causes at James Street
And Thursday, Dec. 1
More lists to come.. but heads up.. I'm really pushing Howlers .. Standing for Standing Rock Benefit that night.. We raised over $700 for Standing Rock at the one at Hambone's last Friday with the SingerSongwriters.. This one at Howlers features some insanely kickass rock n' roll with The Bloody Seamen, Filthy Lowdown, Photo Joe and the Negatives and more.. full details on the event page here: 

gochnourDanny Gochnour, lead guitarist for Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, talks about his influences, his return to teaching and of course, his stage time with, "The Boss".

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Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall, Pittsburgh, Nov. 4, 2016
Stating the Obvious: Zappa Played Zappa 

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